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Spring/Summer 2021 Hair Trends

What are the hair trends of this spring? Let’s get you caught up on Spring/Summer 2021’s top hair trends and get inspiration from the runways, lookbooks, and videos that made online fashion week the first of its kind. 
Middle Parts
Middle parts ruled the spring 2021 hair trends with ease! The face-elongating, symmetrical parting technique remains the go-to for hairstylists, and we’re certain that we common folks won’t stray from it either.
Old-School Marcel Wave
We saw just a little bit of the 1920s in the spring/ summer 2021 hair trends in the form of tightly gelled Marcel waves, looking either totally classy or with a bit of a twist. These days, this hairstyle is too much work for day-to-day, but it’s perfect for when you want to get creative!  
Softly Tousled
Even if you’re not naturally curly, keeping your hair au naturel will still work! Even a brush doesn’t need to ruin your hair’s naturally tousled mojo. 
Wet Hair
While wet hair is hard to work into real life, it’s a runway staple. It helps to keep the hair out of the face and to better showcase the clothes, but it also has the potential to look rawer and more lived-in than a typical ponytail or slicked-back look. You can adopt the look for yourself with the help of some shiny styling gel, or just appreciate it from afar!
Natural Curls
What a wonderful time to celebrate natural curls! Forget about the straightening iron or even the curling wand – if you haven’t tried the curly girl method yet, now is your chance.
Pristine Bob Haircuts
There was something extra-crisp about the bobs from the spring 2021 hair trends. They had a mod flare, so they felt edgy yet classy.
Pixie Cuts
Choppy, short, and flirty – pixie cuts are a ton of fun! They had an undone charm as part of the summer 2021 hair trends, so they felt like the kind of look one could possibly give themselves with a pair of kitchen scissors.
Dramatic Bangs
There’s this cliché idea that women cut their hair into bangs during times of crisis. Well, the spring/ summer 2021 hairstyle trends are certainly contributing since we spotted all different kinds of different bangs on the runways.
Protective Styles for Natural Hair
In addition to simply rocking big, natural curls, many models of color also kept their hair in protective styles like braids, cornrows, and twists.
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