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Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa - Top 3 Hair Trends for 2020

Blunt Bob, The Shag, and Layered Pixie
New Beginnings, New Mind Set, and a New You!

Lets start from the top…Literally! Check out the Top 3 2020 cuts according to the experts at Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa.

The Textured Blunt Bob
This cut has been on the list for years now due to its versatility. It can be styled very playful and textured exuding youthfulness and can also be ironed sleek for a more mature professional look. This years take on the blunt bob offers bit more texture at the ends for a softer disheveled look.
The Shag
This is by far the hottest trend cut right now, allowing more length in the hair with long piece layers. This look allows the wearer to still keep their length but allows much  more framing and movement around the face. You can also pair this look with bangs for a complete look.
The Layered Pixie

The pixie has seen its fair share of media focus when you see one of your favourite starlets do the unthinkable and cut their locks off. Let's crush the “I just wouldn’t look good with short hair” myth and give it a go. With the right cut, everyone can pull off a short pixie cut and there are so many to choose from. This particular cut has soft layers in it that can create more movement and a softer look.

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