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"Heart 2 Heart" Gift Cards at Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa

Introducing the Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa
"Heart 2 Heart" Gift Card
Has Covid kept you away from those you love
and those you care about?
At Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa this holiday season we are celebrating coming together while Covid has kept many of us apart.
What that means is we are celebrating the many imaginative and interesting ways people have  adapted and overcome physical separation to meaningfully engage with those people most important to them. We are celebrating what many of us do for others that they cannot do for themselves.
We believe you have a story or a photo you'd like to share that brought a smile to someone's heart and a smile to your own. Or a story of what you are planning to do over the holidays that while still staying safe, have a plan to come "Heart 2 Heart".
If you'd like to share 

This season Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa
presents the "Heart 2 Heart" Gift Card.
Whether enjoyed together (but 6 feet apart) or on one's own, the Gift Card is a great way to deliver a total complement to relieving stress and releasing the beauty of the inner "self"...
at Michael's Hair Design & Day Spa
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